We know that the during the first 12 months of life children are developing and learning at an amazing pace. The purpose of our infant classroom is to offer your child the best program available based on care and infant education. While your child is in the infant classroom we will be working to accomplish
goals such as:

  • -Helping your child adapt to their new environment by providing as much love and care as possible
  • -Help your child develop their speech by teaching them short words such as “Bye”, “Hi”, “Ball”, etc.
  • -We will provide a healthy environment for the children
  • -Maintaining a daily education routine which will help your child develop different skills such as playing and learning new words.
  • -Once our child has turned one year of age they should be able to walk with stability, receiving training which will prepare them for the next class.

In the infant classroom they will be using the High Reach Curriculum Bright Baby. We know that baby’s first year is a very exciting time full of lots of exploring and discovery. Research has shown that experiences that involve sensory and motor investigation and engage infants in social interactions build brain connections. The Bright Baby Curriculum helps our teachers do just that. Each of the Bright Baby Kit’s will actively engage and stimulate your child through social interactions such as; talking, playing, moving, singing, reading, and signing. The activities that the Bright Baby Curriculum will cover range from: Physical, Emotional, Social, and Intellectual. These activities will help your child develop needed skills such as Language acquisition, sense of self, sensory awareness, gross motor skills, and much more.

The main concern that we have for are little ones is to keep a very clean environment. In order to keep our infant room as clean as possible we have a No Shoe Policy. We ask that parents please take off their shoes before entering the nursery.